G Queen Summer Camp 2012 (2024)

Commonpoint Queens has been providing a memorable summer camp experience to thousands of children and young adults in Queens and Western Nassau counties since 1954. Since its inception, we have been dedicated to giving all campers the opportunity to establish life long friends, learn new skills, gain independence and achieve self-confidence.

We offer programs for children ages 2 through 16, with specialty camp options for sports, academics, and children with developmental disabilities. Take a look below at our program options, and get ready to have the best summers of your life with Commonpoint Queens!

G Queen Summer Camp 2012

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Commonpoint Queens Tennis & Athletic Center at Alley Pond Park will be offering tennis camp for kids ages 6-15 years old. The camp will provide instruction, drills and match play by our highly qualified USPTA Certified Coaches.

We also offer off-court cross training fun activities to supplement campers tennis skills. These activities will include soccer, basketball and a widely spreading sport, pickleball. Campers will also swim twice a week at the Tanenbaum Family Pool.

Explorer Day Camp is an enrichment summer camp where children ages 4-14 grow and develop through sports, art, music, science and more. We empower campers to build their OWN camp program. The campers thank us later.

This special summer program allows young people the opportunity to explore the natural outdoor setting and take part in daily lessons about farm-centered activities provided by expert staff. Campers enjoy exciting and specialized activities such as Nature Walks, Farming, and Scavenger Hunts as well as traditional summer camp programming like Arts & Crafts, Sports, Theme Days and Games.

For summer 2023, we are proud to offer full day programs for children entering kindergarten through 6th grade at our Central Queens, Sam Field, and Bay Terrace sites with a fun mix of trips and swim, sports, and interactive activities.

Our day camps specialize in serving children 5-21 who have developmental disabilities. Campers have the adventure of full day summer camp experiences at the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds with occasional field trips. For more information please contact Lisa Armband at [email protected]

Our Leader in Training Program (LIT) is an advanced four-day, 3-night program for youth interested in improving their leadership and outdoors skills. This includes an opportunity for LITs to volunteer during our day camp and gain volunteer hours towards their high school diploma.

Q-Camps offers a variety of theme and sports camps for all age groups and skill levels (5-18) that provide a welcoming and inclusive environment. From our beginner preschool camps to our Gaels High-Performance camps, our Q-Camps program develops friendships, promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, improves athletic skills, and most of all ensures a lot of fun!

We offer sport specific camps as well as camps that are half STEAM focused and half sports focused. Whether it is rugby, coding, cycling or art camp, there is something for every child in Kingston throughout the calendar year.

The IDEAS Camp is a weeklong summer camp offered to all students in middle school grades 6-8, aged 11-13 with the intention to provide access to physics education and mentorship as part of the IDEAS initiative. The IDEAS (Innovation, Diversity, Exploration & Advancement in STEM) Initiative is a volunteer organisation designed to oversee and coordinate activities that encourage the advancement of under-represented groups in the natural sciences and physics. The summer camp offers an opportunity for students of all backgrounds to participate in workshops, design projects, and laboratory exercises.

Calling all creative youth in Kingston! Join CFRC 101.9 FM in July 2023 for our Shortwave Radio Theatre Camps - FREE week-long day camps for youth ages 12-16 at CFRC 101.9 FM at Queen's University. Our camp facilitators will guide small groups of campers through the process of creating radio theatre performances. New and exciting activities are planned for each week to provide opportunities for local youth to learn more about the art of radio and also of radio theatre production culminating in a broadcast performance at the end of each week.

Mathematics is full of wonder, beauty, and creativity. At RabbitMath, our goal is to deliver this experience to high school students by giving them the chance to work (and play!) with hands-on problems that are directly related to the Ontario Math Curriculum, but which are very different from problems that you might typically find in the classroom. Our emphasis is on the navigation and analysis of complex structures. Our activities are "low-floor, high-ceiling" which means that students at different grade levels can work together on the problems that arise. Along with this, we strive to provide our campers with the chance to meet and interact with like-minded individuals from across the country, as well as the chance to learn from instructors who use math every day - all in a safe, healthy, and inclusive environment.

This drop off camp is designed for children entering 3K and Pre-K in the fall in the fall of 2023. Campers must be 3 or 4 years old on or before their first day of camp. Price is per week. Sign up for two different Zoo Tykes camps!

Join us for our half-day camp where we learn all about what makes birds so special! Is it their feathers, beaks, eggs, or all of the above?! Campers will participate in fun crafts and games, and visit our enchanting bird-centered exhibits each day.

This drop off camp is designed for children entering 3K and Pre-K in the fall in the fall of 2023. Campers must be 3 or 4 years old on or before their first day of camp. Price is per week. Sign up for two different Zoo Tykes camps!

Campers will have an opportunity to explore zoo exhibits and see what it takes to care for our animals at the zoo. From feeding and cleaning to providing shelter and enrichment, caring for animals is not an easy job. In this amazing program, campers will explore the jobs of zoo keepers, veterinarians, field biologists, and more!

All around the world, there are unique ecosystems that contain plants and animals found nowhere else! How do these organisms survive and what makes them so special? Through investigations of zoo exhibits and animals, campers will find out what it takes to be a survivor.

Campers have an amazing opportunity during this camp to learn the ways they can help the environment and put those tactics into action! Using the zoo, technology and up-close animal encounters, campers will participate in experiments, crafts, and games to tackle the pressing wildlife conservation issues of our time!

From paramecium to pumas, campers will explore the evolutionary tree of life and learn how animals diversified from single celled organisms to become what they are today! Using the tools of a scientist, they get a closer look at animal species to see how they have adapted to environmental influences like climate change, animal interactions and human impacts.

Campers must be entering 6th, 7th, or 8th grade in the fall of 2023.

For summer camps in Queens, check out everything from nature to academic camps for kids. Find the perfect camp here.

For many children, going to summer camp is a rite of passage. Camp is the perfect place for boys and girls to make friends, discover new interests, and find their independence. While the experience is fun for the children, it can be overwhelming for the parents. Unsure where to start? We've rounded up some of the best summer camps in Queens. From sleepaway to day camps, this list includes specialty camps that range from music, dance, and performing arts to academic enrichment and camps for older kids. Give your child the opportunity to make memories that'll last a lifetime. Explore our list of summer camps throughout Queens to find the best camp for your child. Whether you're in Flushing, Astoria, Long Island City, Jamaica, Kew Gardens, Ridgewood, Fresh Meadows, Middle Village, Glendale, Jackson Heights, Maspeth, or Woodside there's a camp perfect for your family. Register for day and summer camps online today!

Watch the On-Demand Virtual Camp Fair for NYC today to "tour" camps and find the perfect one for your child! And stay in-the-know about all things camp by subscribing to the camp newsletter (bonus: you'll also receive the Scoop, which is full of weekend family activities!).

Despite being an adult, the Queen has the appearance of a cute, innocent, grey puppy. She wears a big yellow crown on her head and a queen's purple robe around her neck with the initials W Q for her name.

Queen's University connects students in grades 5 to 12 with a spring and summer program community built on growth, learning, and optimism. Students participate in on-campus and virtual programming leveraging the exceptional resources and accomplished members of the Queen's Community. Queen's delivers industry-leading innovative academic University Experiences for Elementary and Secondary school students.

Three to five-day programs in academics and leadership are offered during the spring and summer. Students take a course of their choice, stay in residence, experience campus life in a supervision environment with an undergraduate mentor.

It was the week Carly looks forward to most every summer and we are so thankful we have had the opportunity to send her to TBARM every summer since she was in 1st grade. Sure, it is on Lake Travis and they get to be out on the water and participate in so many fun activities (including a night of roller skating this year!) but they also have a week unplugged from all things social media and TV and are able to just be themselves and focus on what that means in the eyes of Jesus.

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G Queen Summer Camp 2012 (2024)


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